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More than two feet of snow has fallen on the Frederick area in February, according to the National Weather Service.

The wintery blast comes on the heels of a frosty January, when the area received several storms that dropped up to 10 inches at a time.

On Fort Detrick, the Directorate of Public Works team is responsible for clearing post roads and parking lots.

During the most recent snowfall, DPW had 39 people working to stay ahead of the storm, according to DPW General Maintenance and Operations Supervisor Clifford M. Graffius.

Crews worked 16-hour shifts with eight hour rest periods to keep up with the snow removal. Rooms at the barracks were assigned to the snow removal crews so they could rest rather than drive home during the storm.

Jason Goins, Preventive Maintenance and Repair Project Analyst with DPW, said it’s a team effort.

“It is really something special to see our people out there. These people work so hard and are often in the background,” said Goins.

Goins added, “They are here when Fort Detrick is closed, so we can open as soon and as safely as possible…Then, they have to go home and take care of the snow at their own homes.”