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In the middle of the DiLorenzo TRICARE Health Clinic in the Pentagon lays lies a gold mine of information and activities aimed at assisting Pentagon employees in living a healthier life.

The Fit To Win Wellness Clinic, was established back in the late 1980s to operationally implement the Army’s health promotion initiatives, and over the years, courses have been added and altered to adapt to the military’s progressing wellness programs. These courses include the Healthy Base Initiative, Operation Live Well, and the Army Surgeon General’s Performance Triad.

Nutrition and exercise are the foundations of this health promotion program, and Fit To Win offers several classes and activities that will help participants enhance their fitness levels, quit smoking and using tobacco, recognize and manage potential health issues, and achieve a healthy weight.

Tobacco Cessation – It’s not a secret that a smoke- and tobacco-free life is a healthier life. The three-part Tobacco Cessation class, “Quit to Win” will arm participants with the tools needed to quit for life. Active duty service members will also get the opportunity to meet with a provider to discuss prescription assistance for quitting tobacco. Visit the DTHC website ( for monthly class schedules.

Exercise – Fit To Win offers an array of tests to ensure participants are functioning at their best when exercising including Aerobic Capacity testing, Lactate testing, Corrective Exercise screening, Ultrasound Bone Density testing, and Body Composition testing using the Bod Pod which will measure weight and body fat. Fit To Win also offers a Running Gait assessment that assist with finding the right running shoe based on the results from tests that measure your gait, biomechanics and weight.

Nutrition – Eating is a necessity of life. Learn how to do it right. Fit To Win offers several classes on how to fuel your body to maximize its efficiency, plan and cook a healthy meal for you and your family, and manage weight. Visit the DTHC website for monthly class schedules.

For more information, contact Natalie Hedrick at the DiLorenzo TRICARE Health Clinic at or by phone at 703-692-8564.