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The 2013 Dr. Robert J. Haislmaier Memorial Award was presented to a Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division (NSWCDD) engineer for significant contributions to the Navy Electromagnetic Environmental Effects (E3) program, the Navy announced Dec. 5.

The award cited Michael Slocum - the NSWCDD Electromagnetic and Sensor Systems Department’s Assessment and Evaluation Branch Chief Engineer - for his efforts over the past 15 years, resulting in improved Fleet readiness and responsiveness through prevention, control and resolution of electromagnetic interference issues.

“I am truly honored to even be considered for such a prestigious award,” said Slocum after receiving the award from Troy Johnson, Technical Advisor for Navy Cyber and Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Integration. “It is truly a humbling experience and a highlight of my career.”

The award is named after a well-known and respected Navy civilian who worked his entire career on Navy E3 issues and served as the Chief of Naval Operations’ chief spokesman on E3 issues throughout the 1980s.

The citation credited Slocum for anticipating new E3 technologies and developing resources to effectively integrate them for the benefit of the U.S. Navy.

Slocum’s efforts ensured that Navy shipboard systems will safely and successfully accomplish their missions in the complex electromagnetic environment of today’s fleet.

“Mike is a visionary - he anticipated the need for new E3 technologies and developed the resources to effectively integrate them for the benefit of the U.S. Navy,” said Vice Adm. Kendall Card, the Navy’s Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Information Dominance in the citation. “He has been a tireless advocate for the U.S. Navy E3 Program and reached out to other supporting organizations to establish collaborative efforts to maximize the benefit of available resources.”

Currently, Slocum is leading an effort to use reverberation chamber techniques and technology to develop and execute risk mitigation tests and analyses to ensure that complex weapons and control systems are capable of operating as required in their electromagnetic environment.

“He is recognized throughout both the DoD and international E3 communities as one of the most knowledgeable technical experts in the field of E3 and EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) test and evaluation techniques,” said Card in the citation. “The U.S. Navy is better prepared to fight today because of Mike Slocum. His consistent and superior performance makes Mike a well deserving recipient of this distinguished award.”