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The Forest Glen Annex Restoration Advisory Board gathered for their quarterly meeting May 2, at the Gwendolyn Coffield Community Center, Silver Spring, Md., to update the RAB members and community members attending the meeting about the ongoing FGA environmental restoration program.

Topics covered during the meeting included the presentation of Remedial Investigation characterization results for site FTGL-03, Commissary Landfill, and site FTGL-04, Building 511 Landfill. Mike Ervine, AECOM Project Manager, presented AECOM’s 2012 findings on contaminants in two landfill sites underneath the Forest Glen Annex during the meeting. He also said there are no drinking water wells within a half mile of the assessed sites. AECOM is a contractor hired by the Army to conduct assessments of possible contaminants at the FGA.

During his presentation, Ervine presented results from tests conducted on the landfill under the commissary and underneath the National Museum of Health and Medicine, called “Site 3” by the testers. Site 3 is mostly covered by pavement and buildings, according to Ervine.

Site 4 is under the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, and is also is covered by pavement and buildings.

The Fort Detrick RAB met May 8, at the Hampton Inn and Suites, Frederick, Md., with John Cherry, a project manager for Arcadis, providing the RAB members and community members in attendance with an update on investigation of groundwater contamination. Arcadis is a company hired by the Army to investigate the groundwater contamination.

During his presentation Cherry said Arcadis is adding two deep wells on Area B, as well as two others east of Carroll Creek, this summer. There are also plans to add 10 shallow wells south of Area B, along Shookstown Road, with four more well locations planned south of Carroll Creek, according to Cherry.

Cherry also briefed the community about a planned groundwater tracer study Arcadis is preparing. He explained that a nontoxic tracer will be introduced to two wells on Area B for monitoring, so the scientists can see where the tracer travels, to determine if there are other points of discharge beyond what Arcadis has already confirmed.

The next RAB meetings for Forest Glen Annex and Fort Detrick will be held in August 2013.