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Naval Support Activity South Potomac’s (NSASP’s) Fleet and Family Readiness Program recognized the many volunteers whose time and energy has made a difference in the lives of military members in two ceremonies April 29 and 30. The ceremonies, at Naval Support Facilities (NSFs) Dahlgren and Indian Head, were sponsored by NSWC Credit Union and Sam’s Club and command leadership thanked those organizations for their support.

“We are here this afternoon to honor, appreciate and thank the volunteers of the Fleet and Family Readiness program,” said Frank Furtado, director of the Fleet and Family Support Program Branch. “These individuals have graciously donated their time and talents for the betterment of their place of employment, communities and homes.”

“We have about 85 volunteers between [Dahlgren and Indian Head],” added Capt. Pete Nette, commanding officer of NSASP. “They cover all Fleet and Family Readiness Programs-our resident advisors, our Retired Activities Office, the [Voluntary Income Tax Assistance] program, [Sexual Assault Prevention and Response] Advocates, [Morale Welfare and Recreation] and Child and Youth Services. These are great services. And I know these Sailors and civilians volunteered, often after work, to do it. I really appreciate it.”

Tom Kubalewski, program director of Fleet and Family Readiness Branch, praised all of the volunteers and thanked them for their invaluable service. “Each of you have your own reasons for providing our community with countless hours of time,” he said. “For that, we can have these types of celebrations to publically appreciate you for your efforts. But what we really want to say is thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Bachelor Housing Resident Advisors

“The RA program is comprised mainly of senior enlisted volunteers that provide a presence in the unaccompanied housing residences,” said Furtado. “They also help and mentor junior Sailors and help with keeping the peace. Their volunteer hours are pretty much 24-7.”

FCC William Burandt, LSCS Marvin Hayden, FC2 Rajan Paul, GSM1 Terrence Rambeau, FCC Shawn Rodgers, FC1 Travis Theriot, FC2 Terrence Williams and FC1 Michael Wilson were honored for their service at Dahlgren.

Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Advocates

“Sexual assault is not tolerated in the Navy in any form or fashion,” said Furtado. “But when it happens NSA South Potomac has one of the most robust volunteer corps that provides services ensuring sexual assault victims are treated with dignity and respect. [The volunteers] make sure all resources are made available to victims. Volunteer victim advocates provide a safe place and atmosphere to the victim. When they are on the watch bill, the volunteer victim advocates places his or her social and family life on hold, so that they can be on-call 24-7.”

CS2 Johanna Abreu, Staff Sgt. Veronica Babauta, FC1 Kevin Behrens, FC1 Larry Carlile, OSC Aundre Carlton, FC1 Clifford Dickerson, FC3 Elise Dixon, Lt. Samantha Foxton, FC3 David Heaton, FC2 Daniel Hopkins, FC2 Andrew Hudzinski, PO2 Jeffrey Johnson, FC1 Kyle Loftin, OS1 Randall Monfiston, FC1 James Navarro, FC1 John Palmer, FC3 Tiffany Pence, FC1 Margaret Rowlands, FC1 Brian Sisk, FC1 Stacey Velvin, FC1 Phillip Wiggins and FC1 Donald Wright were recognized for their service at Dahlgren.

HN1 Timothy Alburg, YNC William Cunningham, IT2 Katrina Dang, HM3 Corina Fluker, CS1 Corey Mills, IT1 Marina Pastuna and MA1 Sara Wood were recognized for their service at Indian Head.

Morale, Welfare and Recreation

“The installation’s Morale, Welfare and Readiness program defines the quality of life we have here at South Potomac,” said Furtado. “With the ever-shrinking budget and limitations put upon us, volunteers play a crucial role ensuring that MWR services and events still happen. They volunteer at the library, the Liberty Center, the Aquatics Center and Fitness Center. They help with events, programs and daily operations.”

FC1 Stephen Ainley, Kristin Ash, Nancy Ballard, Kay Eller, Lt. Samantha Foxton, Michelle Kaufman, Patrick Kerns, Edward McKinnon, Marcus Seigman, Christina Williams and FC3 Cody Williams were recognized for their service in Dahlgren.

CS2 Adam Buchanan, Jammal Burnett, Sgt. Bradley Campbell, Gunnery Sgt. Michael Cerda, Damaris Kaminski, Scott Kommer, Lori Korn, Patrick Lepper, Paula Loucas, Edwin Mulder and Lance Cpl. Erica Rindal were recognized for their service at Indian Head.

Voluntary Income Tax Assistance

The VITA volunteers processed $1.5 million worth of tax refunds this year in more than 2,500 hours of volunteer service. The volunteers received a letter from the Internal Revenue Service commending them for their outstanding commitment, patience and dedication.

FC3 Christopher Arizmendi, EODC John Cornett, OS1 Mac Hughes, ABH2 Charlie Kirkpatrick, Darin Kroft, YNC Hershel LeMaster, CS2 Krishna McCray, FC1 James Navarro, CS2 Marci Primeau and Staff Sgt. Chadd Russell were recognized for their service at Dahlgren.

HM1 Timothy Alburg was recognized for his support of VITA at Indian Head.

Child and Youth Services

“Child and Youth Services volunteers donate their time and talents at the Youth Activity Center, the Child Development Center and with the School Liaison Officer,” said Furtado. “They service as members and officers of parent involvement boards. They act as mentors, coaches and leaders for programs like the 4H Club and [science, technology, engineering and math events].”

Victoria Arcement, Aruna Brown, Daphne Erickson, Kurt Erickson, Ben Hankins, James Jenson, Diana Kolodgie, Melissa Nass-Flores, Marilyn Pinto, William Pinto, Tina Rogers, Lynn Shoppell, Toy Suon and Monique Winslow were recognized for their service at Dahlgren.

Retired Activities Officers

“These individuals have left the service, but yet, still have the burning desire to help,” said Furtado, “not for personal gain, not for a bullet on their evaluations, [but] just because help is needed. The retired activities officers serve as the commanding officer’s right arm regarding retiree issues.”

Chief Petty Officer Dario Cadena (Ret.), Col. David Gallagher (Ret.), Lt. Col. John Huber (Ret.), Capt. Ellsworth Plump (Ret.), Lt. Cmdr. Richard Rowland (Ret.) and Lt. Larry Wheaton (Ret.) were recognized for their service at Dahlgren.