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Winter.  It’s that time of year where we feel (or at least I do) the least productive and yet we seem to be at our busiest. A true paradox if ever there was one. I bring up this unfortunate fact because we’ve already hit the ground running this year and our frantic pace is only going to increase.

That’s the bad news. The good news is that if the first part of this year is any indication, feeling unproductive and being unproductive are completely unrelated. We have had a bunch going on recently with more activity on the horizon.

Thursday, as many of you may have heard, we held a screening of “The Silver Linings Playbook,” with a visit from its star, Bradley Cooper. Mr. Cooper stayed for almost three hours, making sure that every single person in attendance got a photo with him. I was impressed with his dedication, but I can’t say that I’m surprised. There’s something about this installation that brings out the best in people. Something you may not know about that visit is that we had less than 24 hours notice to put it together. It took a team of people from across the installation working pretty hard on this to pull it off. Most of that same team then had to turn around and ready the phenomenal Super Bowl party held for our wounded warriors.

Right around the corner, we have Solid Curtain, Citadel Shield, our annual Navy-wide force protection exercise, followed shortly by the HURREX disaster response drill. Last year, our first as a command, these exercises were big learning experiences for all of us. This year we still expect to learn, but we definitely have lessons to apply from last year that should reduce impacts to our staff members and visitors.  

We have another round of construction that’s just beginning, and with that comes parking and logistical challenges. More details will follow on these projects, but some of them will create some inconveniences as we get them done. 

I’m truly impressed by the work ethic, great attitude, and commitment of everyone who calls this installation their home (work home anyways). Thank you for your continued (and ongoing) hard work and cooperation. All ahead full.
All Ahead Full,

Capt. Frederick (Fritz) Kass

Naval Support Activity Bethesda

Commanding Officer