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Naval Support Activity Bethesda’s (NSAB) Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) is pulling out all the stops this Valentine’s Day by offering several events to make the day that much sweeter.

These events include Valentine’s Day balloon bouquets, a heart healthy fitness program and a vintage 20’s themed murder mystery dinner at the Warrior Café. The events were chosen by a group of MWR staff whose main motivation was to bring fun new experiences to Bethesda.

“My last position was at NSA Monterey and [the murder mystery dinner] was a new event that we tried out there,” said Courtney Silvestre, NSAB MWR marketing director. “I was fortunate enough to hire a creative and enthusiastic community events coordinator who came up with the idea. Our first one was on Valentine’s Day as well and we had 160 people in attendance. We then started doing two per year due to the success and the demand from our customers. I am hoping that the same thing happens here.

“The other Valentine’s Day events just came about from brainstorming with staff,” she added. “I felt there was a need to try more things at Bethesda to see what this installation likes to do, so that is exactly what we are doing.”

The first event is delivery of the balloon bouquets featuring three mylar balloons and a 3.2 ounce heart shaped box of chocolates, which can be purchased for five dollars at the Information Tickets and Travel (ITT) office located inside Walter Reed National Military Medical Center from now until Feb. 8.

We’re delivering [the balloon bouquets] to people’s spaces, so you could go pay for it and write the little note and MWR would deliver it right to [the person of your choice] on Valentine’s Day,” said Jenny Charlson, NSAB MWR marketing director. “A lot of people are actually purchasing them to bring home, so they are having it sent to themselves so they can take it home to their kids or to their spouse.”

The next event for the evening is a fitness program being held at the NSAB Fitness Center in Building 17.

“We’re doing a heart healthy fitness program, which is a tryout of all the class that we normally do for group fitness. So, every half hour you can try a different class starting from 11:00 a.m. on Valentine’s Day and they are going to have treats and giveaways,” said Charlson.

The final event for the evening is a vintage 20’s themed murder mystery dinner that will feature a roasted sirloin steak or seared chicken breast entree, two beverages to include beer and wine, and a live band.

“The price is $35 per person or $60 for a couple and it can be friends or whomever. It doesn’t have to be a married couple,” said Charlson. “We’re going to try and seat people in their groups as they come in. Those tickets can be purchased at the [ITT] ticket office and we have also been selling them at the Warrior Café during lunch time.

“The show is interactive, so you as part of the audience are a participant. They provide a notebook on the table that gives you your description of who you are as a character member and then you get a pen and a little note pad so you can keep track of what’s going on,” she added. “It’s like a fully involved cast, it’s not like they are up on stage. As far as participation goes, it is as much as you want to participate, you’re definitely not forced to do anything. So, you could really get into it or you could just watch and see how everyone else is doing. The cast roams through the audience as you’re seated at your table.”

Silvestre believes events like these are a nice change of pace and encourages co-workers to interact with one another outside the workplace.

“Community events are exactly that: they are an opportunity for active duty, civilians, wounded warriors and families to get together outside of work and enjoy themselves,” said Silvestre. “The Murder Mystery Dinner experience is also a teamwork event so people get to mingle and make new friends.”

For more information about upcoming events that MWR has to offer, log on to the NSAB Facebook page.