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Joint Base Andrews set a happy little record this Jan. 1, when Malcolm Grow Medical Clinic medical clerk Kimberly Moten gave birth to MedStar Southern Maryland Hospital Center’s first baby of 2013.

“I kept saying I wanted to have her on New Year’s Day,” said Moten, “and I got my wish.”

Riley, who weighed in at just six lbs., eight ounces, is a second child for Moten and Rodney Coby. The baby’s aunt Sharmaine Spain said Riley has her mother’s lips, her father’s nose, and a talent for getting what she wants. Perhaps that came from being in charge of mom’s dietary choices over the holiday season.

“It was fun being pregnant during the holidays. For a while, I thought she might be born on Christmas. And I got to eat a lot of food, especially on Thanksgiving, because I used the excuse that I was pregnant,” said Moten.

Carrie Rutledge, RN, was one of Riley’s attending nurses.

“I had just started my morning shift,” Rutledge said. “It was very exciting to help in the delivery of the first New Year’s baby born at the hospital.”