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November 28, 2012 – The Veterans' Student Loan Relief Fund announced it is extending the deadline from Dec. 1 to Dec.15, 2012 for veterans to apply for grants of up to $5,000 to help them dig out from under the debt burden imposed by certain predatory for-profit colleges. Veterans and qualified family members who believe they have been misled may apply.

For guidelines, visit and for an application, For general information, visit

This is the second round of grants made available by the Veterans' Student Loan Relief Fund. The director of the grant program, Matthew Boulay, who served in Iraq, said, “With these grants, we are helping student veterans who were promised high-quality educations and ‘guaranteed jobs’ by various for-profit colleges. But, in the end, many of them not only exhausted their GI benefits but also built up mountains of student loan debt while only receiving non-transferable credits, worthless degrees or no degree at all.”

The Veterans' Student Loan Relief Fund works in partnership with the University of San Diego’s (USD) Initiative to Protect Student Veterans. The initiative helps them make informed decisions about selecting schools and advocates for their rights. It also provides assistance to veterans to file complaints and resolve disputes with for-profit colleges that may have targeted them for their military education benefits.

“Schools continue to prey on taxpayer money and the GI Bill funding made available to our returning military veterans,” said retired Marine Col. Patrick Uetz, Esq., the founding director of the USD initiative. “Veterans must understand what they need to meet their goals, learn how to evaluate schools and make good choices. Information and resources available on websites like provide comprehensive information that students need to decide their futures.”