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Although itís a little early, this will be the last edition of the Journal before Thanksgiving, so I wanted to take this opportunity to provide you with a sampling of some things I am thankful for and perhaps get you thinking along those same lines.

First, Iím thankful for something Iíd venture to guess very few other commanding officers are thankful for, the fact that our installation is constantly in the spotlight. Iím thankful for this because it shows me that our military and civilian leaders care. They care about the patients we serve here, the education mission, they care about their family members and they care about each and every one of you that are helping to take care of them. When I get a phone call at 2 a.m. about an issue that at many other installations would be minor, but here could be front page news, I know itís because those outside this installation understand the sacrifices our patients have made and truly believe they deserve the very best service we can possibly provide to them.

Second, Iím thankful for each and every one of you. Iím thankful to you because with amazing consistency the people I interact with on this installation understand the importance of our mission. The staff members here always strive to provide more than the minimum, more than just what is expected or required. You all wow me every day.

Finally, I am thankful for the support of my family. My service is both inspired by and heavily reliant on my family. If my experience is anything like yours, I canít imagine being able to fully devote myself to the important work here without my familyís support. While doing a good job matters to me professionally, ultimately I know I am being successful when my family tells me they are proud of what I am doingÖ that makes it all worthwhile. For the sacrifices you and your families have made, and for the inspiration and sense of purpose they provide each of you, please accept my heartfelt gratitude.

As youíve read this, I hope youíve thought of something of your own to be thankful for. If you have, how about logging onto our Facebook site: m/nsabethesda and write it down. To add a little incentive, I will randomly select a couple of entries and buy those individuals lunch at the Warrior Cafť one day the week after Thanksgiving. Letís see if we can get a hundred ďthankfulĒ notes posted by the end of November.

Please be safe if youíre traveling over the holiday and have a Happy Thanksgiving.

All Ahead Full,

Capt. Frederick (Fritz) Kass

Naval Support Activity


Commanding Officer