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All Sailors separating, demobilizing or deactivating from an active-duty status of more than 180 days in length, are now required to participate in the Transition GPS (Goals, Plans, Succeed) program officials said, Nov. 13.

Previously known as TAP (Transition Assistance Program), Transition GPS is a mandatory program aimed to better prepare service members to transition to civilian life and is slated to take effect, Nov. 19.

Transition GPS program requirements include:

*Pre-separation assessment and counseling;

*Military-to-civilian skills review;

*Veterans Affairs benefits briefings;

*Financial planning support;

*Department of Labor job search skills building workshop (limited exceptions);

*5-day Transition GPS workshop.

All participants in Transition GPS will also develop and Individual Transition Plan (ITP) to measure their progress throughout transition and complete a DD Form 2648 or 2648-1 Pre-separation Counseling Checklist.

NAVADMIN 334/12 outlines materials, records and other paperwork service members are required to bring to Transition GPS.

Transitioning service members should talk with their chain of command and command career counselor to receive pre-separation counseling and to learn more about Transition GPS requirements.

Other programs being piloted for addition to Transition GPS can be reviewed in NAVADMIN 334/12.

For more information, read NAVADMIN 334/12, visit the Navy Personnel Command TAP Web Page at For more news from NPC, visit

For more information, visit,, or

For more news from Navy Personnel Command, visit pc/.