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It's ironic that the faster computers and networks get, the less patience we have with them. We get so used to instant response that any delay now seems intolerable.

That's an important aspect of designing a real-time computer systemknowing if the user doesn't get an immediate response when pressing a button, the user will naturally think the button wasn't pressed hard enough and will press the same button again. The result can be anywhere from annoying to disastrous.

It's also amusing how software designers handle non-instant computer response.

The hourglass "wait" icon is gradually giving way to the spinning circle icon; both are equally annoying to me.

At least some software, such as the Defense Travel System feature that validates your Common Access Card, actually tells you what it's doing when it displays the spinning circle.

God's word teaches us a lot about the importance of patience. The fifth chapter of the book of Romans tells that enduring our sufferings results in patience, which results in building character, which in turn leads to increasing our hope. The first chapter of James tells us much the same thing. Psalm 27 tells us the importance of waiting on the Lord.

Some of the most famous Bible characters showed extreme patience. Josephan innocent manpatiently waited for years to get out of prison. Jacobdespite being trickedpatiently waited 14 years to marry Rachel. And Job is noted for being a man of patience as he dealt with all the devastating losses in his life.

Sadly, Abraham and Sarah ran out of patience despite God's promise of a son and heir. After waiting 10 years, they got impatient and decided that Abraham should use Hagar, Sarah's handmaid, as a surrogate. A child, Ishmael, was born, but this was not the child God had promised Abraham. That would be another 15-year wait for Isaac.

I often wonder if patience still has a place in the world?

We live with instant banking, fast food and microwave ovens. A coast-to-coast trip has gone from six months by covered wagon in pioneer days to six hours by airplane. The sound barrier has been broken by someone parachuting to earth from 24 miles up in nine minutes. Many new Navy programs call for "rapid deployment."

I hope as we speed things up, we still take the time to make sure they work and are safe and secure.

Hopefully, as the beat goes on, we can still follow God's ways and not the world's when it comes to patience. What was that old joke about the guy who cries out to God: "Lord, please give me patience and I want it now!"

Resist the urge to do things on your own schedule, but always wait on the Lord's perfect timing for your life.