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Spiritual help

Nothing is more central to chaplains than assisting people in their relationship with God. Chaplains have skills and knowledge to assist you in your spiritual walk. We can also make referrals on your behalf.


Sometimes you need someone to help guide you through the important decisions in life. I believe God never intended that we should make decisions alone.. Chaplains can help you discover alternatives in your decision-making process. Chaplains are granted confidentiality by the UCMJ.


Chaplains can help you ease the inner pressure and frustrations caused by your duties, separations and adjustments. Chaplains can offer helpful advice and alternative views.


There are times when we need someone to talk to about life situations and things that bug us. Chaplains can listen and help you problem-solve without judgment. Chaplains provide 100 percent confidentiality and privileged communication.

Engagement & marriage

Chaplains gladly provide premarital counseling and assistance in planning for marriage. If you are interested in a religious wedding, Chaplains offer these religious services where the couple makes promises to each other in the context of a community of faith. The more effort you put into planning or preparing your marriage (spiritually) the more successful it will be. Everything else needs some work; so does your marriage.

New family members

When families are enlarged through birth or adoption, you may want to follow the practices of your faith tradition in dedication or baptizing the child. Check with a chaplain of your faith for specific requirements.

Family Problems

When marriage falls on hard times, individuals often do not seek help until the problems have escalated to the point of divorce. Most chaplains have training in marriage and family counseling. They can help you work through your problems or refer you to other sources of professional help.


Let your chaplain know if you or your family member has been or will be admitted to the hospital. The Chaplain would like to bring the comfort of Gods love to your hospital room, especially prior to surgery.


Chaplains can offer comfort and the ministry of presence. When you learn that a loved one has died, chaplains can help you through the grief process. Chaplains are available to conduct funeral and memorial services.

When someone you know needs help

Many people are reluctant to seek help when they need it. Be alert to the needs of those around you. Chaplains are responsible for everyone, including those who have no religious affiliation. You can make a difference by referring a friend to a chaplain. We are here for you.