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Staff members at Naval Support Activity Bethesda (NSAB) and Walter Reed National Military Medical Center can take an online survey this week to evaluate their commuting experience.

“The Annual Commuter Survey is an ongoing survey that we conduct in the fall, and this year it is available until Friday,” said Ryan Emery, NSAB’s transportation program coordinator. “It is an effort to obtain information about staff members’ commuting patterns, and gain feedback on areas of improvement and areas where they would like to see changes on campus.”

In past years, the survey has been used to make several large improvements on base in key areas such as bus shelters, parking and similar issues. The bottom of the survey has a free response portion, which allows staff members to write any feedback or suggestions that they might have, said Emery.

“It is a valuable tool for the command, because it is the customer’s chance to provide feedback in an open and honest forum,” he said.

After the survey concludes, the feedback will be reviewed and a summary of the results will be published in a future issue of NSA Bethesda Commuter News, which can be found at http:/ /, said Emery.

Hans Semple, NSAB access control officer, said he has taken the Annual Commuter Survey every year since coming to the base in November of 2008, and he plans to take it again this year.

“It’s important to get the perspective from as many commuters as possible to gather information about every aspect of commuting and what areas we can improve on,” said Semple. “The results of the survey are what tell the command what we need to know about a person’s commute.”

Semple said the survey usually take less than five minutes to complete, and is a way for staff members to be heard.

“I know every comment and bit of feedback on the survey is read,” he said.

The Annual Commuter Survey can be found online at http://www.bethesda.m For more information or questions about the survey, contact Emery at Ryan.Emerym or 301-319-3818.