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Navy announced updates to the Selective Reenlistment Bonus award plan, Sept.. 8, in NAVADMIN 273/12.

The intent of the Selective Reenlistment Bonus (SRB) is to incentivize Sailors with critical skills and experience to stay Navy. SRB rewards Sailors who attain special training in skills most needed in the fleet, and helps meet critical skill reenlistment benchmarks and enhance Navy's ability to size, shape and stabilize manning. Award levels are strategically adjusted as reenlistment requirements for specific ratings and skill sets are met.

From the 100 skill/zone combinations detailed in NAVADMIN 143/12, this update includes reductions for three skills, one skill elimination, 10 skills award level increases and 11 skills added to the list.

"The SRB program provides a retention incentive to our top-performing Sailors with critical skills needed in the fleet," said Rear Adm. Tony Kurta, director, military personnel plans and policy. "We will continue to monitor our bonus programs to maximize retention behavior in our most critical skills within the constraints of our budget."

Sailors should consult NAVADMIN 273/12 to determine their SRB eligibility and award level. The increased award levels are effective immediately and decreased levels are effective 30 days from the release of the NAVADMIN.

This update also announces the upcoming change to annual SRB installment payments from October to the anniversary month of reenlistment date. This policy change will take effect for all Sailors reenlisting for SRB on, or after, Oct. 1, 2012. For example, Sailors reenlisting in December 2012 will receive their initial SRB payment upon reenlistment, and all subsequent installment payments annually in December until the full bonus amount has been reached. Sailors under current SRB contracts, as well as those reenlisting prior to Oct. 1, 2012, will continue to receive anniversary payments annually in October until the full bonus amount has been reached.

Additionally, NAVADMIN 273/12 temporarily lifts the restriction preventing Sailors with FY13 end of active obligated service (EAOS) dates from reenlisting for SRB in FY12. With this change, all FY13 EAOS Sailors, regardless of SRB tier, are encouraged to apply for SRB and reenlist on, or before, Sept. 30, 2012. Sailors electing this temporary early reenlistment option must be otherwise eligible for SRB and have a valid PTS quota prior to their selected reenlistment date.

As with Perform to Serve (PTS), eligible Sailors desiring SRB reenlistment are encouraged to work with their command career counselors, command master chiefs, and chain of command to discuss timing of reenlistment and procedures well before their EAOS.

Sailors can read the complete list of SRB award levels and policy at