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We have a tremendous opportunity to experience one of Naval Aviation's exciting demonstrations of industry and government products promoting software portability across all platforms. On June 5, at the Patuxent River Naval Air Museum, the Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE) Exposition will highlight an initiative that promises to transform the acquisition community. The adoption of the FACE Standard offers the prospect of increasing warfighting capability, reducing the cost of acquiring new software, and reducing the cycle time for subsequent updates.

The FACE Expo will showcase applications and tools from more than 20 FACE Consortium members, and is free for attendees interested in open standards and open architectures for aviation systems. Comprising Navy, Army, industry and other military partners, FACE Consortium members are creating the standards, tools and policies needed for a truly open computing environment, which promotes competition, software portability and reuse across avionics platforms. This successful strategy is already employed by the commercial world in the cellular device industry.

At the expo, you will meet NAVAIR FACE team members, the Open Group directors and industry representatives who can answer your questions about this innovative technology. Expect to see examples of software products aligned to the FACE standard and get the pulse of the effort. Please mark your calendar for this event and drop by the expo. You will see the progress our great NAVAIR teammates have accomplished in forging a future path for naval aviation software environments.