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Leadership at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center (WRNMMC) is shaping its strategic plan to best reflect its mission and continue meeting the needs of patients, their families, and staff after the integration of the former Walter Reed Army Medical Center and former National Naval Medical Center.

WRNMMC leaders came together April 17-19 for training on effects-based planning being used to flesh out the medical center's strategic plan. "Our strategic plan is the roadmap for the future of Walter Reed National Military Medical Center," said Rear Adm. Alton Stocks, WRNMMC commander. "This will define who we are and how we will commit our resources."

Effects-based planning will also allow WRNMMC leaders "to use its collective wisdom to [shape] the future," Stocks continued. "Through the use of effects-based planning, everyone in the command will have the opportunity to participate in defining our future," Stocks added.

During the training, Dr. Paul T. Stames, from the Naval Postgraduate School, explained effects-based planning to WRNMMC staff. According to Stames, effects-based planning is a method of clarifying strategic objectives and measuring progress toward the objectives.

"Effects-based planning is thinking about the impact of what we're doing and not just doing what we're doing," Stames said. "The effects-based approach provides a broad framework for planning and executions using elements of strengths and weaknesses of technical rational."

WRNMMC's Organization Development Practitioner, Ann-Marie Regan who coordinated the training, explained, "This strategic planning method takes our vision, mission and pillars, [objectives], and defines in clear terms what we choose to achieve in the next several years as a command."

She added the strategic planning method is about understanding desired results. "This focused approach serves as a guide for leaders moving from planning to action."

Col. Charles Callahan, WRNMMC deputy commander and chief of staff, noted the training was just the beginning of a strategically structured sequence of initiatives, including leadership meetings, Board of Deputy Commanders off-sites, and a Strategic Plan Kick Off that will ultimately lead to a roll out of the WRNMMC strategic plan to the entire organization later this year.