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Senior Airman Aaron Becker received a donated 2009 Ford Explorer on April 30, courtesy of his hard work and dedication to the Air Force and Operation Homefront. The vehicle comes to Becker just in time too, as he and his wife, Mercy, are expecting their first child in June.

In a quote from, Becker is grateful for the new wheels and looks forward to the ease it will provide for him and his wife at this stage in her pregnancy.

"There are things you have to do that aren't on the base, so the car is needed" Becker said. "Getting my wife to her appointments at the hospital and everything else that’s required to be done at seven months pregnant is difficult. She doesn't really want to walk all the way to the hospital."

Operation Homefront is a national nonprofit organization that provides emergency financial aid and additional assistance to military families and wounded warriors. After receiving a call for nominations via e-mail, Master Sgt. Nathan Bridgewater, one Becker’s supervisors, surveyed the Airman in his office and chose to push Becker’s name up for nomination.

“I knew that Becker didn’t have a vehicle and was expecting so I put his name in for the nomination,” said Bridgewater. “Becker’s also an extremely hard worker and does a lot for Malcolm Grow’s biomedical equipment community. He definitely deserved the nomination.”

Other leadership in attendance to Becker’s presentation ceremony related personally to Becker’s need for the vehicle.

“I was a Senior Airman once too and I remember what it was like to not have a car but still have a great need for one,” said Lt. Col. Marvin Todd, 779th Medical Support Squadron commander. “By giving Becker this car, Operation Homefront has not only provided Becker with a need, but is also honoring the American spirit of giving. I’m honored that our country has organizations such as this that help out our troops and wounded warriors.”

According to an Operation Homefront press release, the Explorer was donated to Operation Homefront by the ASL Group, a leading broad-based shipping and logistics contractor for the U.S. Government. To learn more about Operation Homefront, visit