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A visiting team of environmental experts will be conducting an environmental audit at Fort Detrick and the Forest Glen Annex during the week June 25-29.

The audit will take place under the Army's Environmental Performance Assessment System program. The EPAS program helps Army installations stay abreast of their overall environmental standing through a rigorous external environmental compliance and management auditing program.

The EPAS was developed by Headquarters, Department of Army in 1991 and is designed to assist Army installations with identifying potential environmental problems before they endanger Army personnel's health, cause expensive cleanups, or violate federal, state, or local regulations. The EPAS audits normally occur once every three years.

The multi-disciplined team of approximately 10 environmental engineers and scientists from the US Army Public Heath Command, US Army Environmental Command, and Headquarters, Installation Management Command, will conduct the review. The purpose of the EPAS audit is to assess the program management and compliance status of an installation, identify existing and potential areas of noncompliance with environmental and health-related laws and regulations, and target the resources needed to achieve compliance in those areas.

During the assessment period, the team will review operations that have the greatest potential for causing environmental problems at Fort Detrick and the Forest Glen Annex, to include Garrison tenant and contracted operations in administrative, industrial and laboratory areas.

Following the review, the Fort Detrick Environmental Management Office will prepare an Installation Corrective Action Plan to define actions, which will be taken to correct any deficiencies that might be identified. You and your organization can help prepare for the EPAS by taking the Fort Detrick Environmental Awareness Training located on the installation extranet: https// mtEAT.

If your organization does not have access to the installation extranet contact Karrie Reckley at (301) 619-1266 or

If you have questions regarding the upcoming EPAS, contact your organization's Environmental Compliance Officer or the USAG Fort Detrick EMO EPAS Coordinator, Karrie Reckley at (301) 619-1266 or