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The Transportation Security Administration has expanded its PreCheck program to service members flying out of Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, known by the airport code DCA. Anyone on active duty with a common access card is now eligible to receive expedited security screenings.

The TSA initiative began March 20 and is also available for active drilling reservists, National Guardsmen and members of the Coast Guard. To participate, service members must go to the TSA PreCheck lane at the security checkpoint in the terminal and present their CAC to a TSA officer, who will scan the card to verify their status with a Department of Defense database.

Once verified, members will not be required to remove their shoes, outerwear or belts. Service members can also keep laptop computers in their cases and their 3-1-1 compliant liquids/gels in their carry-on luggage.

"This initiative is part of our shift away from a one-size-fits all approach and instead toward implementing more intelligence-driven, risk-based security measures," said TSA spokesperson Kawika Riley. "Our military consists of individuals who put their lives on the line for our national security. It's only fair that we accommodate them and help them get to where they're going."

Riley noted that eligible service members do not need to be in uniform to qualify for prescreening benefits and that gate passes for families are also available on a case-by-case basis. He said approximately 400 active duty members use DCA on any given day.

Riley said the TSA will be looking over data and will make an assessment in the future on how to expand the pilot program to other airports around the country. The TSA PreCheck will be available at Terminal B, which is the south checkpoint in DCA for Delta Airlines flyers. For more information on the expedited screening process for active duty service members, visit