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Marines leaving the Marine Corps within the next 12 months may face a hard dose of reality. Unemployment rates for veterans are higher than the national average, the cost of living has skyrocketed and finding a job is a challenge.

Servicemembers leaving today’s Corps either by completing their obligated time in service or who are unable to reenlist due to cutbacks are unsure what lies outside the realm of the military.

Prior to leaving the Corps, all Marines are required to attend a transition class. The Marine Corps has made changes to the class now called Transitional Readiness Seminar, it’s new and this week, Joint Base Myer - Henderson Hall kicked it off. TRS provides Marines with information on numerous topics such as benefits, education assistance and retirement.

“We noticed the change after we updated to Transitional Readiness Seminar, Marines were able to achieve their goals and were more in touch with what they needed to succeed,” said Samuel Bagwell, learning manager with Marine Corps Community Services.

The first phase of TRS will give a more hopeful approach to Marines exiting the Corps. TRS’s main goal is to focus on Marines who are within 180 days of finishing their contract. TRS gives Marines a pathway to civilian careers which includes employment workshop, career/technical workshop, college/university education workshop and an entrepreneurship workshop.

“Our main goal is to ensure that Marines get the information they need prior to exiting the Marine Corps so that they may pursue other career goals,” said Bagwell.

Prior to revising TRS, formerly called Transitional Assistance Program classes, the Marine Corps realized that Marines needed more time prior to their departure to get their affairs in order (such as benefits, choosing a new career or finding a job) once they left the Corps.

TAP was mandated in the early 1990s from the Department of Defense to advise Marines on their benefits prior to exiting the Marine Corps. Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall is one of the homes for TRS classes. JBM-HH serves as a liaison for TRS classes for military installations throughout the National Capital Region. All classes held at JBM-HH are offered every month for the first three weeks of the month. Classes are a week long which includes a two-day mandatory standardized core curriculum. For more information contact Bagwell by email at