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The Joint Warfare Analysis Center (JWAC) held its annual honorary awards ceremony March 1st to recognize more than 40 employees for their achievements in 2011.

Warfighter Support Award

Amy M. Colgan received the Warfighter Support Award for her analytical work and customer support. A research analyst with JWAC's Operations Department, she exceeded expectations by significantly improving communications, coordination, and collaboration between deployed employees, JWAC headquarters, and other support staff. Colgan worked directly with JWAC's customers in Afghanistan where she developed a network of professional relationships that directly resulted in higher quality JWAC products. The impact of her work in this regard has been significant and lasting, according to her citation.

Colgan is currently on her third deployment to Afghanistan and, therefore, was unavailable to attend the ceremony.

Excellence in Service - Individual Award

Adam S. Carlson received the Individual Award for Excellence in Service Award, which recognizes an employee whose dedication, customer service, process streamlining, and excellence in providing support made a significant contribution to JWAC during the previous calendar year. Carlson led an architecture replacement project that saved the command $750,000 by eliminating a redundant feature in that architecture. In addition, Carlson also led a technical project that streamlined the process for sharing information. His other contributions involved revitalizing the command's information technology (IT) community of interest, which was joined by more than 120 IT specialists. Carlson was credited with making these meetings interactive and informative.

"The overall level of support that Mr. Carlson provides enables JWAC to successfully support the war-fighter and makes him deserving of this recognition," his citation read.

Excellence in Service - Group Award

The Human Resources Division received the Group Award for Excellence in Service, which recognizes a support group whose dedication, customer service, and process streamlining made a significant contribution to JWAC during 2011, a year that saw a 30 percent Reduction In Force (RIF) and the disestablishment of JWAC's parent command, U.S. Joint Forces Command (JFCOM). Employees in this division were Air Force Master Sgt. Lakisha A. Adams, Sandra L. Ambrose, Amy T. Balmaz, Kathleen M. Cushman, Patrician M. Faulkner, Krissie E. Gilroy, Charlayne L. Hackett, Phyllis D. Jackson, Navy Yn2 Jeffrey S. Johnson, Steven R. Kurth, Navy YNC Loren P. Laub, T. Nicole Parker, Air Force Maj. Ted J. Rieth, Rachel A. Street, Bonnie D. Watson, and Bruce B. Webb.

Among its many accomplishments, the HR division provided outstanding support in preparation for JFCOM's disestablishment and to ensuring that the RIF was done fairly and equitably. Despite the stress associated with the RIF, division employees gained a reputation of trust throughout JWAC. Some of the services they provided to fellow employees during this time included employee assistance placement briefings, stress management workshops, and sponsoring a job fair at the command that was attended by 17 federal agencies.

Despite all this, the HR division still managed its normal work supporting the command's mission, including developing a records management and instruction and publication process with JWAC's new parent command, U.S. Strategic Command; developing manpower planning models and analysis; and providing world-class military personnel services and equal employment opportunities.

Spirit of JWAC Award

Robert A. Weisbeck received the Spirit of JWAC Award, having been chosen by his co-workers for demonstrating integrity, courage, and service at work and in the community. A division head who has worked at JWAC in 1997, Weisbeck has earned a reputation for his motivation, can-do attitude, and desire to set a positive example for others. He is known for providing quality support in whatever task he is asked to do and for mentoring co-workers.

In the community, Weisbeck has volunteered with organizations such as Big Brothers and the Boy Scouts of America for more than 30 years, exemplifying JWAC's core values both at work and in his personal life.

Award of Merit for Group Achievement

JWAC's "10 Gig Team" received the Award of Merit for Group Achievement, which recognizes a group effort of significant value or benefit to JWAC's charter, mission, strategic goals, and objectives. That group effort, the 10 gig project, as it was called, was originally scheduled to last three years, but was finished in less than two years at a savings of $2 million to the command. Among the team's accomplishments was the installation of 34,000 feet of cable with hundreds of new network switches and routers and designing a five-step staging of the project.

"The team designed and implemented a high-performance campus core, creating a highly scalable, unified server-access platform across a range of connectivity," read their citation. "They simplified data center access and operations and provided improved availability, scalability, and campus diversity."

Team members include: Stephen W. Bennett, Bryan E. Browe, Robert D. Cannon, Adam S. Carlson, Jon M. Childress, Scott A. Cogil, Elvin E. Deloach, Keith E. Dye, Jason J. Falbe, Robert A. Hayes, Jeffrey P. Mason, Dennis D. Mills, Air Force Staff Sgt. Kristopher M. Morin, Michael J. Muller, Donna L. Nuckols, Wayra I. Sanchez-Rivera, Timothy D. VanHuss, Kaden P. Yealy, Gary J. Herman, William A. Huffman, and Derek E. Tracy.

Executive Civilian of the Year

Jill S. Morrissett received the Executive Civilian of the Year Award, which recognizes a GS-14 or 15 level employee whose performance and contributions were above and beyond his or her expected job performance. Morrissett is the command's deputy program manager. She distinguished herself by representing JWAC during JFCOM's efficiency planning process. With her knowledge of the command's analytical work and products, she better explained the value of its products and the impact of potential cuts to its services. This allowed planners to translate complicated and rigid efficiency requirements into workable, real-life scenarios and solutions that had the least impact on JWAC's war-fighter support.

Civilian of the Year

Two employees received Civilian of the Year Award, Sandra L. Ambrose and Amy T. Balmaz, both of JWAC's Human Resources Division. The award recognizes employees at the GS-5/13 level whose performance and contributions during the year were above and beyond their expected job performance. Ambrose led the Civilian Workforce Management Branch. In this capacity, she distinguished herself by providing outstanding support to the planning for the disestablishment of JFCOM. Also, her expert knowledge of regulations allowed command leadership to steer through the uncharted waters of the RIF. Moreover, she displayed outstanding communication skills throughout a very stressful process. All of these accomplishments revealed her ingenuity, professionalism, and determination to "get the job done," according to her citation.

Balmaz led the command's Human Capital Management Branch. She also provided outstanding support in preparation for the disestablishment of JFCOM. Her expert knowledge of human capital planning and her understanding of the command's analytic capabilities provided senior leaders and outside agencies with a better understanding of how the RIF would affect not only personnel, but JWAC's mission as well. Throughout it all, her attention to detail, knowledge of regulations, and ability to communicate with employees displayed the utmost professionalism.

Military Members of the Year

Navy IS3 James A. Cardoza received the Junior Military Member of the Year Award for 2011. He provided more than 80 analytical products to combatant commands, thereby helping them to narrow their engagement options. He also provided analytical support for an annual military exercise. Among his many volunteer activities, Cardoza served as vice president of the JWAC Enlisted Association (EA) and was a member of the Naval Support Activity South Potomac Navy Ball Committee. He helped with many fundraisers for both groups, leading nine for the EA that raised more than $2,000 and participating in ten others that raised almost $4,000 for the Navy Ball.

Despite all this, Cardoza still completed the Petty Officer Second Class Selectee Leadership and the E5-E6 Professional Military Education courses, volunteered with the local Boy Scout Troop to coordinate a canned food drive, and participated in Memorial Day activities with a local elementary school.

Air Force Tech. Sgt. Steven L. Hanan received the Mid-Tier Military Member of the Year Award. He provided many analytical products to combatant commanders as well as to an annual military exercise. He also prepared and presented several intelligence briefings to senior leaders and employees. In addition to his regularly assigned duties, Hanan earned an Associates of Applied Science in Intelligence Studies; completed Navy Petty Officer First Class Selectee Leadership and Air Force Specialty Code courses; mentored seven middle school students in math and reading; and organized Operation Care Package, which collected 200 pounds of food and other supplies for deployed troops.

Air Force Master Sgt. Lakisha A. Adams received the Senior Military Member of the Year Award. Demonstrating valuable leadership skills, she managed the validation of personnel moves and vulnerable movers listings to include coordination with headquarters on pending and cancelled assignments. She completed many manpower documents, revised duty status reporting procedures, oversaw the professional and career development of several fellow enlisted members, and facilitated team training. Adams also acted as the Division Trusted Area Security Officer, managed the Command Drug Testing Program, and served as a member of the Quality of Life Advisory Council. She led two Navy Ball Committee fundraisers that helped earn $10,000.

Navy IS1 (SW/EXW/AW) Matthew G. Reed received the JWAC Sailor of the Year Award for his sustained superior leadership, resourcefulness, and ability to accept responsibilities and perform above his rank. He worked with senior leaders, military staff, civilian engineers and scientists, and representatives of the intelligence community to provide superior intelligence analysis on many difficult assignments. As the Departmental Leading Petty Officer, Reed led eight multi-disciplined military intelligence professionals. He volunteered with the JWAC Enlisted Association and the Honor Flight program, which takes veterans to Washington, DC to visit the World War II Memorial. He participated in seven fundraisers for the Navy Ball, helping raise more than $2,200.

Reginald Gray Technical Excellence Award

Alan A. Moss received the Reginald Gray Technical Excellence Award for his technical leadership, creative vision, and project management that expanded JWAC's support to the war-fighter. The project that led to Moss' selection involved an idea he developed on his own initiative and tested after discussions with several Defense Department agencies. The field tests were conducted without cost to JWAC and proved the potential of his idea for future military use. He continued his work and research in this area, becoming a noted expert. Throughout this entire process, Moss displayed the technical expertise, tenacity, innovation, and dedication to the war-fighter that made him deserving of this award.

Bob Hudson Leadership Award

Albert H. Dunfee received the Bob Hudson Leadership Award for his leadership and organizational skills that helped JWAC deliver critical products in direct support of both combat forces and to an annual military exercise. A branch head, Dunfee led a team of analysts in JWAC's response to an international crisis. The team responded to nearly two dozen requests for support from various agencies by providing more than 50 products of the highest quality, products which gave military commanders more options in ultimately determining their strategy.

Dunfee's leadership was also important to the command's successful support of an annual military exercise. He planned many of his team's assignments for the exercise, developed a standardized product format, established record logs, and coordinated with other support branches in the command to ensure the highest level of support. His efforts paid off with the team producing 33 products by the exercise's end. Throughout, Dunfee displayed inspirational leadership, dedication to the customer, and commitment to JWAC's mission of war-fighter support.