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The work environment is filled with various personalities and life experiences. Our attitudes impact our work day and habits. As you walk through your worksite, be on the lookout for the following Safety Attitudes and do not accept them:

* I know what I am doing

* It slows me down

* Accidents just happen

* It can't happen to me

* Don't tell me what to do

* I've been doing it that way for years

* This is the way it has always been done

The above attitudes hinder productivity and increase the probability of heightened risks and accidents. However, if you encounter any of these following Safety Attitudes, not only accept them, but reward them:

* Focused on the task!

A good attitude means you are focused on the present task. If something else is on your mind or an interesting conversation is going on nearby, you may be distracted.

* Do the job right!

A good attitude means taking the time to do the job right.

* Use mental muscle!

A good attitude means you have the strength to do the right thing. By avoiding shortcuts and being patient, you will reduce the possibility of accidents.

* Take responsibility!

If you care about yourself and others at work, you'll take responsibility even when a certain task "isn't my job." A good attitude means thinking of yourself as part of a team.

* Know the risks of unsafe tasks!

A good attitude means being smart and avoiding taking risks whenever you can.

Remember, your family, your job and your country need you! Have the right Safety Attitudes and encourage those around you to get on board!

One Team, One Mission!