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On March 1, Air Force Accounting and Finance Office (AFAFO) deployed an enhancement to virtual Finance: The Basics. The Basics is targeted towards first-term Airmen and is designed to introduce them to Financial Services without overwhelming them with too much information. The Basics covers key events during the early part of an Airman's career. "Finance Basics" covers basic financial services info and FM concepts and systems. "Dorm in the Rearview" discusses moving out of the dorms, while "Going to the Chapel" discusses pay and entitlement changes brought on by marriage. Finally, "Heading to the Sandbox" explains what to expect during an Airman's first deployment. All of this information is already contained within virtual Finance and the FM Knowledge Base in much greater detail, but is not segmented into easy to understand areas.

Graphically, "The Basics" has a much different look and feel than the rest of virtual Finance. It is designed to resemble a tablet device, with icons that resemble "apps." Clicking on an icon brings up a small pop-up window with information on that topic. Several areas emphasize reviewing the leave and earnings statement (LES) and the prompt filing of vouchers. This helps instill the need to review the LES monthly to ensure the member is receiving the proper pay and allowances, as well as helping to prevent possible debts.

The easiest way to get to "The Basics" is from the initial virtual Finance welcome page (link at end of article). The icon for The Basics is right at the top of the landing page feature block, and stands out from the other icons. The feature block also has a tab which will take you directly to "The Basics."

"The Basics" targets first-term Airmen with info they may have been exposed to already, but the info wasn't needed at the time. It is a good primer/refresher for those just arriving at their first permanent duty station. Whether it hits the mark or not will be driven by customer feedback. We encourage all to save this link and also provide feedback using the feedback links on the page.

Virtual Finance link: https://www. do?channelPageId=sA1FBF31D23D21F6B0123ED377B730575>