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Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling, D.C. -- Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling is gearing up for this year's Navy-wide Solid Curtain/Citadel Shield Exercise March 19-24.

Solid Curtain/Citadel Shield is an annual exercise designed to maintain a high level of force protection for Navy installations. The exercise is designed to hone training and readiness to respond to and recover from threats to Navy installations and units.

In addition to these, JBAB's Public Works Department also has its own objectives going into this year's exercise.

"With the military to civilian conversion taking place at Public Works, we feel that getting our civilians involved and taking over roles previously filled by military members will make this a successful training exercise," said Master Sgt. Michael Hall, PWD operations superintendent.

There will be an increase in patrols on and around Navy installations as a result of this planned exercise, which will also test mission-essential personnel response by systematically escalating force protection conditions.

"JBAB Security Services will play the exact same role as we do on a daily basis-respond to incidents and reports of incidents in order to ensure the security of JBAB's resources, the most important of which are ultimately the people," said Tech. Sgt. Anthony Coyle, JBAB Security Services antiterrorism NCO-in-charge. "The security services Solid Curtain liaisons are coordinating and planning scenarios with their other organizational counterparts to ensure realistic training is conducted in the safest environment possible. Because the scenarios may range anywhere from a mass casualty-producing major accident response exercise to a simple surveillance outside the wire, our forces cannot try to pregame their actions and must always remain up to the task."

Coyle also recommends JBAB members utilize this period to familiarize themselves with the newly signed force protection condition measures.

"Based off the measures, they can forecast potential impacts and determine what may be expected of them, as well as ensure they are currently meeting all FPCON Alpha measures and below," he said. "It's easy to overlook the fact that when FPCON levels shift upward, all lower levels measures must be met in order to satisfy completion of the current level."

Though measures have been taken to minimize disruptions to normal operations, base personnel may expect higher volumes of traffic during this time due to heightened security, particularly at the gates. The exercise could impact timeliness of gaining base access. Personnel are advised to plan accordingly.

"Above all, please be safe, patient, and utilize this great event as a self-assessment tool in order to take away some lessons learned and embrace our anticipated success," said Coyle.

Hall assured that there will be little to no impact on JBAB members from a Public Works standpoint.

"We are a mission-essential organization, so the services we offer will not falter," he said.

Mission-essential personnel will be expected to report for duty as scheduled or report absence and request leave consistent with normal procedures. Non-mission-essential personnel should consult with their supervisors if they wish to take leave during this time.