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Today marks the 125th Anniversary of the AMEDD Enlisted Soldier and it is only fitting and proper that we celebrate this day of our outstanding troops.

The AMEDD enlisted Soldier has been around for a long time and continues to work hard taking care of other Soldiers, their families and our civilians as well. The AMEDD Enlisted Soldier has served in every major war since World I, fighting in the trenches and playing a huge part in all of the victories our country has won since the beginning.

The contributions of the AMEDD Enlisted Soldier to the United States are immeasurable. The AMEDD Enlisted Soldier has saved numerous lives on the battlefield while also providing great assistance to the medical providers in the hospitals and clinics around the globe. Working as an AMEDD Enlisted Soldier is not for everyone, but rather a great honor for those who answers the call.

The calling to give of themselves for the good of the mission; the calling to have compassion and mercy for those injured, sick and ill on the battlefield, but at the same time being fit, ready and reliable to endure the rigors of combat; the calling to demonstrate the highest caliber of integrity and selfless service; the calling to deliver the best medical care and attention that is needed for those injured or ill; the calling to give it their best for the best (Soldiers) of the best (Army); the calling to instill confidence in their comrades that they serve due to their technical and tactical competence on the battlefield and garrison; the calling to sacrifice their lives to preserve freedom, peace and democracy in our country; the calling to work with our great force and getting the job done with or without resources; the calling to work hard in the day and/or night and always being prepared to fight; the calling to Soldier in the rain, heat, cold or snow, and display the motivation to be ready whether in a static position or on the go; the calling to fight in any battle or war or thru the jungle and desert or any type of terrain, while being prepared to fight for victory, while enduring the mental, emotional and physical pain; the calling to realize that this is your life style, being an AMEDD Enlisted Soldier for the greatest military force in the world and representing the AMEDD Soldier of yesterday, today and tomorrow from every state, city and town; the calling to serve this great country in which we call the good ole U.S.A, while continuing to fight for freedom, peace and democracy every single day; the calling to serve and live by the Army Song because this is the theme of our nation, so we can continue being United States Strong.

The AMEDD Enlisted Corps is strong because of the Soldiers who have paved the way for those of us today. We should all be proud of AMEDD Enlisted heritage but also proud of what we do each and every day.

Happy Anniversary AMEDD Enlisted Corps and I hope that we continue to demonstrate that will, desire and determination for the next 125 and more years to come.