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WASHINGTON - The Naval District Washington regional employee transportation program has launched a new website which aims to assist employees in the region with transportation issues.

The website contains information and assistance to employees to improve both commutes and local business travel, including public and private transportation services, transportation subsidies, and schedules for shuttles which run to the Pentagon and other DoD installations in the area. TransportationProgram/index.htm

"The goal is to cut down on congestion, it's to help employees get to and from work easily, to help everyone be aware of all their choices," said Marc Oliphant, regional employee transportation coordinator. "We want everyone to know there's a transit subsidy and how they can get it. We want everyone to know that vanpooling is also eligible for the subsidy. We can help them get connected with a vanpool. We want to get the rules and regulations out to everyone."

The website is just the latest improvement to the transportation situation for federal employees who work in Naval District Washington. During much of the past year, Oliphant and others have worked on a comprehensive transportation planning document for the region, the "Regional Transportation Vision," which will help shape decisions to improve how employees get to, from, and around installations.

"Due to environmental and regulatory constraints we can no longer just build our way out of transportation problems with more parking. NDW is launching a new, proactive and comprehensive program to manage transportation," said Oliphant.

The program will also include brochure displays and kiosks at each installation for employees to pick up information about their travel choices. The first "Navy Yard Commuter Central Station" is already in place in building 22 (across from the bank) at the Washington Navy Yard. Another display is also in place in the cafeteria at NSF Arlington.