Base Guide 2015
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Public Parking in Bethesda

Public parking options are available in downtown Bethesda. Staff can park in these areas and then ride the Metro to the Medical Center Station. Transit benefits can be applied to the metro rail cost, but not to public parking expenses.

Additional cost of parking in Bethesda:

Monthly = $140 (approximately)

Hourly at Meters = $.75 - $1.00 per hour

*The parking facility at the Grosvenor-Strathmore MetroStation is only one stop from the Medical Center Station.

Metro Rail Station Parking

Parking is available at 42 metro rail stations. The list of metro rail stations and the daily costs for parking can be found on the WMATA website: The cost of parking is not included in the NCR Transit Fringe Benefit.

Park and Ride Lots

Park and Ride lots are located throughout Washington Metropolitan Region. In most cases, parking is free and there is a connection to the Metrorail via buses that can be paid for using the Transit Benefit Program. For Park and Ride Lots in the Metropolitan Washington Region (Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia), please review the following website:

Mass Transit Fringe Benefits

Mass Transit Fringe Benefit (MTFB) are available to Civilian & Active Duty Military staff. This is in addition to their current pay, up to $230 per month (subject to change), for their personal commuting costs using Mass Transit. MTFB can be applied to rail, bus and/or approved vanpools but not parking costs. On-line applications are available at Washington Headquarters Service (WHS): DFD/Info/NCRTransit-Subsidy.cfm.

Applicable Organizational Codes:


Navy Active Duty/Navy Civilian = N-18 BUMED

Army Active Duty = WRNMMC Bethesda

Parking designated for carpools is located on the first deck-upper level of the Patient Garage, Bldg 55. Contractors are also eligible for these spots. To learn more about vanpool options, please visit: