Base Guide 2015
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Welcome to the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, the flagship of Military Medicine. WRNNMC is a world-renowned, state-of-the-art healthcare institution staffed by many other world’s brightest and best trained medical practitioners.

Our top priority: care for our Wounded Warriors. We maintain around-the-clock casualty care to restore the health, well-being, and function of our country’s Wounded Warriors and their families. It is also our great honor to care for our veterans who gave so much in past conflicts and for infants and children who may be future heroes.

We are the Presidents’ Hospital, providing care also for members of congress, senior government leadership, all who wear and have worn the cloth of our nation, and their families. We provide the same level of exceptional care and concern to each and every beneficiary that enters our doors.

WRNMMC is on the forefront of current events, standing by ready to provide care, whether in the Global War on Terror or natural disasters such as hurricanes and tsunami relief, or worldwide humanitarian mission.

We also have a strong commitment to health care education, including support for USUHS. WRNMMC’s affiliated on-site medical school, graduate medical education, health-related graduate degree programs, and medical means.

We are dedicated to preventative medicine and promoting wellness in a patient and family-centered environment. We also believe that the patient’s family members are vitally important to the healing and rehabilitation process. In all cases, our objective is:

• Fast and proper diagnosis;

• A well-laid plan for treatment;

• Proper follow-up and rehabilitation.

As the WRNMMC Commander, I commit this institution to ensuring you and your family members receive the best possible medical care available in the world.




WRNMMC Commander