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Fort Detrick Business Development Office (FDBDO)

The Fort Detrick Business Development Office (FDBDO) is dedicated to enhancing collaboration between Fort Detrick, the Mission Partners, and the business community.

The FDBDO was established in 2005 through a government contract awarded by the U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command (USAMRMC) to support the unique mission at Fort Detrick. Since its inception the FDBDO has assisted over 2500 companies. The FDBDO's efforts helped these companies better understand and participate in the acquisition process at Fort Detrick. The FDBDO provides this support in many areas of business, including information on opportunities, grants and technology transfer.

Located just off-base, at 201 Thomas Johnson Drive, Suite 208, the FDBDO was created to be the primary portal to help companies interested in doing business at Fort Detrick. The FDBDO assists companies of all sizes and industries, across the United States to compete for contracts and subcontracts on Fort Detrick.

The process of working with the federal government and learning the correct ways to respond to business opportunities is time consuming and may, at times, be overwhelming. The FDBDO helps businesses navigate their way through the plethora of information and agencies in an efficient manner so they can be more effective in this market. We advise businesses on the appropriate channels, contacts, and procedures to use to make their responses more successful when bidding on an opportunity.

The support that the FDBDO provides to its customers includes:

• ensuring that businesses are aware of applicable opportunities

• assisting in developing strategic relationships

• providing a wide array of training classes

• facilitating prime/subcontractor team relationships

• helping businesses understand the unique needs of Fort Detrick

We also provide one-on-one counseling sessions to help companies focus their sales and marketing efforts for the greatest efficiency.

The first step in working with the FDBDO is to register as a client. This process is easy and done all online. Go to for more information. Company information entered is kept confidential and will never be sold. The only time this information is shared is with acquisition personnel who are interested in purchasing your services.

Companies that would like to expand their business to include this dynamic market should consider the FDBDO as a vital business resource. This free service can help your company navigate through the complex government procurement process and provide Fort Detrick with a more informed and better equipped vendor.

For more information go to: or call 301-620-7071