Base Guide 2013-2014
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Transportation from Airports

Arrivals via commercial air carrier will land at one of three airports in the Washington D.C., and Baltimore areas. Reagan National and Dulles International are located in the Washington, D.C., metro area. Baltimore/Washington International (BWI) is located closer to Baltimore.

Because of the rural location, no public transportation is available between Pax River and the airports. To avoid being stranded at an airport, it is important to have either a nationally recognized credit card or enough cash on hand to spend the night in a hotel or rent a car. Taxi service is available, but may cost between $80 and $100 from the airports to the station.

To be reimbursed for taxi fares or rental car fees, orders must specifically state: Authorized to utilize taxi or rental car from airport to ultimate destination.

Coordinating your arrival with your sponsor or the Command Duty Office may help prevent transportation problems. The Command Duty Office telephone number is 301-342-1095 or DSN 342-1095. The naval air station operates a shuttle service to the Washington, D.C., area on weekdays. Navy vans stop at Reagan National Airport twice daily, Monday through Friday, except on holidays, and depart from the main terminal entrance at 8:40 a.m. and 2:20 p.m. Navy vans departing Pax River for Reagan leave at 5:30 and 10:35 a.m. from the main entrance of Building 409. For more information call 301-342-5088.

These shuttles also stop at the Bethesda Naval Hospital and the Washington Navy Yard. Call 301-342-1419 to make reservations.

Registration of Vehicles

Military members assigned to, and civilians employed at, Pax River must register privately owned motor vehicles with the NAS Department of Public Safety immediately on arrival.

Registration requirements include:

1) Evidence of motor vehicle ownership and state

registration. Valid state registration plates must

appear on all vehicles.

2) A valid state operator’s license.

3) A valid base identification card.

4) Certification of continuing motor vehicle liability

insurance in an amount that meets the minimum

limits prescribed by the Financial Responsibility

Law of the state of Maryland.

5) Permission for vehicle search upon request by proper


6) Notify the NAS Public Safety Department pass office

of any change in information submitted on the initial

registration application.

7) Familiarization with NASPAXRIVINST 5560.2,

Administration of Traffic Regulations.

If the vehicle being registered is a motorcycle or moped, the operator must complete, or must have completed, a motorcycle safety course that meets the requirements established by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. A temporary pass will be issued to allow the operator time to complete the required training, which is offered by the NAS Safety Department.

To host special guests and group functions, the civil service or military sponsor must notify the NAS Public Safety pass office in writing 72 hours before the event. The sponsor is required to provide the following information: date, time, location of the visit; a legible, alphabetical listing of all guests with SSNs (the guests’ citizenship must be specified), and the sponsor must list his/her name and phone number.

The NAS Public Safety pass offices provide various services to Pax River residents, employees and visitors. The offices are open Monday through Friday.

Services offered at Gate One


The Gate One Pass Office is open Monday-Friday from 6:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Vehicle registration, weapons registration, issuance of temporary passes, scheduling and arranging for special events is available during these hours.

Services offered at Gate Two


Gate Two Pass Office is open Monday – Friday from 6:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Vehicle registration, weapons registration, issuance of ID badges, scheduling and arranging for special events is available during these hours.

Personnel Support Activity Detachment


The Personnel Support Activity Detachment is organized to provide Navy members with one-stop personnel service. PSD services include all pay functions, receipts and transfers, reenlistments and separations, educational services, personnel accounting ID cards for military members and their dependents, fleet reserve and retirement, travel, transportation and numerous other services to DoD employees and contractors as well as Navy members.

Command Career Counselors

301-342-1563 or DSN 342-1563

The Command Career Counselors assist Navy members in the establishment and accomplishment of career goals through training information and personal counseling. CCC conducts career information and training courses for department and tenant career counselors and supervisory personnel. Also offered are pre retirement/fleet reserve seminars, retention team meetings, retention and incentive briefs, pre-separation briefs, base indoctrination and a wide variety of specific subject general military training. Spouses are encouraged to participate in the career counseling process whenever possible. The CCC’s main office is staffed by Navy counselors.